Who We Are?

Rupsha IT Park is thought to be one of the most popular and dedicated IT service companies. The professional firm is designed to provide more possible results and solutions for usage in various enterprises that face challenges in the information and technology industry. The company’s staff are dedicated to each other’s success and take great care in forming long-term relationships with clients and customers. Our sole purpose is to make our clients and customers happy by providing them with high-quality products and services.

Rupsha IT Park is a full-stack web development company with ten years of experience in the area. It provides extremely accessible, practical, and visually appealing web products and stage-based and custom web solutions.

We used to work as a freelance company in the marketplaces when we were younger. Our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and as a result, we have chosen to form a permanent operating organization in the field. Our official launch date is June 21st.

Because of maintaining service excellence, we keep an amazing staff of highly competent and active expert employees. Every member of the Rupsha IT Park team is picked for their dedication to excellence and exceptional abilities. Because of their commitment to remain ahead of the technology curve, our programmers and engineers are the best in the industry.

This IT service provider’s perspective achievements will be determined by increased brand equity and sales. The company’s success is determined by how people share, enjoy, and benefit from its efficacy. Hard work, progress, ethics, passion, and helping one another are some of our company values.

To address difficult problems, a large number of people from many disciplines must collaborate. As a result, we collaborate closely with our clients to achieve their vision, incorporate their comments into their projects, and assist them in successfully launching their business software.


We offer various kinds of service in quite a few categories. Take a peek at the following list to find the service that you desire!

A web application enables organizations to target and reach potential and existing customers easily...

As the number of people who use smartphones grows, mobile app development provides a...

Because of the enhanced functionality that a custom solution delivers, custom ..

Graphic design is necessary for establishing a professional brand and maximizing marketing ...

There are numerous benefits to incorporating animation into the site design. It keeps users on your...

Rupsha IT Park is a one-stop IT solution service provider where you can get any sort of digital marketing service...

Why choose us?

Have a doubt over why you should choose us? Well we have got the perfect reasons of why you should choose us!

We have almost a decade of experience.
We don't make use of any third-party software or groups.
We have personnel available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for your assistance and requests.
We offer low prices that are suitable for a wide range of clientele.
We offer the quickest response time in the business to our clients.
We keep in touch with you throughout the length of your project by providing real-time updates.
We maintain a good communication over the duration of your projects by giving you real time updates.
We take every necessary step to protect our clients from cyberattacks.
We take all essential precautions to keep our clients safe from cyber-attacks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that you might need the answer to? Take a look at our faqs list or search for your question. If you have any other question, then contact our help and support!

  • If You are getting our web development service, then we would need Domain + Hosting logins detail, logo, Name of pages, Content for pages and any specific instructions or layout you have in your mind. we prefer you provide us a site map in docs file or in any other form which is understandable and convenient for you.

    For Social media Marketing and management we would need 1) login credentials of your social media profiles. 2) your Logo in png format and 3) your website URL for analyzing.

  • Yes, your password stays between you and us only! 100% safe! we prefer to have direct access to your accounts as it is the most efficient way. However if you still not sure to share your password then you can make us admin of your account to manage, write or delete content, to post ads etc. it will be safest way for you.

  • Well! we have two easy payment slots for the service you have selected.

    Slot #1 for short Term project. we ask 50% advance payment at the time of contract sign up and rest 50% at the project submission and definitely after final Approval of the project.

    Slot #2 for Long term project. We furnished this slot on a monthly payment basis, and payment should be made at the beginning of each month.

  • Absolutely! Your website will be fully editable. You will be able to not only change the texts and images with a few clicks but also to change the whole layout or add new pages. You will be able to edit e-commerce products, their images, descriptions & prices and add unlimited pages and posts too.

  • Yes! We take ALL the hassle AWAY and save you precious time from setting it up on your own totally FREE. If you do not already have a hosting/domain, please send me a message, and we will guide you on how you can register one for yourself. we do not provide these myself.